Check out H.E.R. Vol. 2

Damn!  After waiting on the edge of our seats for H.E.R. Vol. 2 to drop, it did not disappoint!  If you don’t know who H.E.R. is, that’s probably because it’s part of her persona.

The artist known as H.E.R. burst out of no where in late 2016 with a debut EP plainly titled Vol. 1.  There was no name, no pictures, no background on this amazing new artist, only a silhouette and blue backlit cover art.  The knockout contemporary soul sound left us wanting even more.  Soon after, there were hints pointing towards a second half soon to come.  After waiting and wondering… that day was June 16th.

The latest project by the mysterious artist is called Vol. 2.  The EP’s cover art is the same silhouette, this time backlit by yellow.  The soulful new music definitely fed the hunger we were left with from Vol. 1.

Only problem is, there wasn’t any new information on the artist herself.  So…. I did some investigating.  As it turns out,  H.E.R. chose to remain hidden so that people would focus on the music.  H.E.R. is actually an acronym for Having Everything Revealed, obviously emotionally and not regarding her identity.

Truth is, H.E.R. is child prodigy Gabi Wilson who has been singing and playing instruments since she was 6 years old.  Now turning 20, she’s a seasoned pro and it shows in the music.  Gabi grew up watching her father, who had his own band.  When her parents realized the talent she possessed, they allowed her to perform on stage with the band.  By age 10, she could play piano, guitar, bass and drums.  She landed on quite a few television shows and tour circuits, when she eventually landed with RCA.  She had a few releases under the label, the latest being in 2014, when she was still only 16.  Fast forward to late last year, after some rebranding…..we are now blessed with H.E.R.  

She will also be joining Bryson Tiller, Khalid and others for the BET Experience Tour beginning June 23rd.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing new artist!

Check out H.E.R. Vol.2 here!




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