The Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Set To Open In New York 2018 

JT Thompson, the Creator and Executive Producer of the first-ever Hip-Hop Hall of Fame Awards Show, which aired on BET in the 90’s has now founded the new Official Hip-Hop Hall Of Fame and Museum to the World.

A recent press release stated that the HHHOF aims to “preserve, archive, exhibit, educate and showcase Hip-Hop music & culture from around the world.”

The bid has already been won to acquire a major building and development site in Harlem.  They anticipate the sale to be completed over the next few months and are pre-planning the re-design of both the building’s exterior and interior infrastructure.

The preliminary plans for ‘Phase I’ of the project, set to open in February 2018, will include a ground floor cafe, gallery, visitor’s center and a retail gift shop.  The second floor will be dedicated to the museum, event space, offices and a multi-media production studio.  ‘Phase II’ planning will include full scale design and development of the entire site which could be approximately 20 stories tall.  This concept shows the completed building as the HHHOF + Museum & Hotel Entertainment Complex, which features the Hall Of Fame, Museum, 5 Star Hotel, Retail Mall & Gift Shop, Arcade, Sports Bar, Restaurant and Concert Lounge.  It’s goal is to serve one million local, national and international visitors annually.

It’s about time Hip-Hop is recognized for it’s influence on our culture, through music, fashion and politics.  I think we have more than shown that it’s not a fad or a trend,  it’s a lifestyle and although it’s ever-changing, Hip-Hop is here to stay.