Listen to “Man of the Year” by Leroy Sanchez

Rising star Leroy Sanchez has just released his new original single, “Man of the Year“.

The 25 year old, Spanish-born singer/songwriter finally has a new song of his own…. and it’s a monster of a ballad.  Over the last few years, the YouTube sensation has gained quite a momentum and has now catapulted himself into the lime light.

His humble start began in Spain at age 14, when he taught himself how to play the guitar, so that he could further his self-expression.  He then posted his first cover song to YouTube at 15 and hasn’t looked back since.  When Leroy was 18, he had drawn the attention of Miami-based producer/engineer and DJ, Jim Jonsin, who had gravitated towards him after viewing several videos on YouTube.  Jim Jonsin, who has had much success writing and producing for big name artists in hip-hop, R&B and rock, convinced Leroy that he should move to Miami to pursue his music.

Ever since, we have seen flawless cover after cover that Leroy has posted on his YouTube channel, which as of earlier this year has had over 220 million views and 2.9 million subscribers.  In 2014, Leroy Sanchez released his first and only 2 original songs as singles, but they didn’t garner the attention that they should have.  After touring across the states in 2016, it seemed the time was right to work on his own original material.  He now has a project due out sometime this year, with his lead single, “Man of the Year” having been released today.  Click here to listen on Google Play.

You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

And I have also included a link to my favorite Leroy Sanchez Mash-Up feat. KRNFX.  Enjoy!