Jagged Edge releases brand new album Layover

In case you missed it, R&B quartet, Jagged Edge, just dropped a brand new album on July 10th called Layover.  It coincided with a new episode of Unsung, where the group was featured the day before.  The album came as a surprise, with no warning and zero promotion.  It was easy to miss it….but I’m so glad I didn’t!

The 16-track release is the ninth studio album by the multi-platinum group.  The first few albums were smashes and included songs like “Let’s Get Married,” which earned the group Soul Train awards for Best R&B/Soul Single and Best R&B/Soul Album, J.E. Heartbreak, in 2001.  They have also had numerous nominations over the years from BET, American Music Awards and the Grammys.  Some of the later albums weren’t bad, but definitely weren’t as good as we were used to or as we expected, as fans.

This latest album, Layover, is “the real” Jagged Edge I was hoping to hear when I began listening.  Out of 16 songs, there were maybe 2 that I felt so-so about.  The rest of the album was amazing and the new material as a whole was contemporary but gave us the classic Jagged Edge we love so much.  It’s gonna stay in my rotation for a hot minute.  Click here to Listen to Layover by Jagged Edge.  Hope you enjoy!

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