New documentary Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs. Kanye West

On July 31st, the UK’s Channel 4 will premiere a new documentary, Public Enemies: Jay-z vs. Kanye West, at 10pm BST (5pm EST). Even though it won’t be aired anywhere else in the world, I’m sure it will be posted on the UK Channel 4 YouTube Channel.

The 40-second trailer, that has already been published to their YouTube channel, boasts to have “unseen footage and unheard testimonies” about “friendship and feuding” and “the power of modern celebrity.”

For over 20 years, Kanye and Jay-Z have shared a tight professional and personal, but complex relationship. The two have had many ups and downs, just as any long-term relationship does. But, lately the down seems a bit deeper than usual. Within the last month, Jay-Z released the 4:44 album, which had a few seemingly negative lines about Kanye and Kanye also broke ties with Tidal, Jay-Z’s digital streaming platform. Whether one had to do with the other or not, only the two of them can answer. But, social media has gone bananas over the situation, probably dramatizing the matter far more than it should be. However, the documentary does look very interesting.

Watch the Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs. Kanye West Documentary Trailer on YouTube.

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