J. Cole visits “lifers” at San Quentin

J. Cole’s latest action in his stand against mass incarceration was visiting inmates at San Quentin State Prison in California on Tuesday.

The Dreamville rapper, along with Dreamville Records president, Ibrahim Hamad, as well as the company’s Head of Art Direction, Felton Brown, took the day off of the current 4 Your Eyez Only Tour to meet and talk with men who will never again experience life outside those walls. It was a chance to let these men know that they are not forgotten and while they may feel like their voices aren’t being heard, we are listening.

The three visitors then took to Instagram sharing their own thoughts on how this had been a “life changing experience,” they had “learned a lot” and there was “so much work to be done.”

And that there is…

Defendants are receiving excessively lengthy sentences for first-time, non-violent offenses, which are clearly not fitting for the crime. Some are being held before they are even convicted of a crime, simply because they cannot afford bail. There are a number of reasons for mass incarceration, the list just goes on. Also, with the Department of Corrections populations at an all-time high in the U.S., the conditions at these facilities have deteriorated tremendously.

Recently, there was a short video on a St. Louis prison, who like many, do not have air conditioning. With summer days in St. Louis frequently reaching in excess of 100 degrees, inmates are suffocating, some dying of heat stroke. This is by far, not the only place where this is happening. Watch the clip here.

Something has to be done to change the system as a whole. We MUST work together. We at Maximum Feedback are glad that the Dreamville camp is raising awareness. It is incredibly important.

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