Get familiar with H.I.M.

So, in case you’re unfamiliar, a new female artist known as H.E.R. graced us with her music in October of last year. A month after her debut EP, Vol. 1, a male artist only known as H.I.M. released an EP of his own in response, titled Vol. 1 (HER In Mind). Read our article on H.E.R.

The concept was truly ingenious. The EP consisted of a song for song matched response with original lyrics written to each track from H.E.R. Vol. 1 and laid over the same music. For example, his response song to H.E.R.’s first single, “Losing,” was titled, “Winning.” To keep with the theme, H.I.M. has also decided to embody a mysterious persona, giving us no insight as to who he is, letting the music speak for itself rather than have the focus be elsewhere. There’s also one completely original song on the EP titled, “Hymn.” Some have speculated that the identity of the soulful singer is really Bryson Tiller, but if you really listen and are a fan of either, you know it’s definitely NOT.

So, fast forward to 8 weeks ago, H.E.R. released the 2nd chapter of music called, (you guessed it) Vol. 2. In a matter of 3 to 4 weeks, H.I.M. had his response EP audio posted on YouTube. Once again, the album cover (same as H.E.R.) has only his silhouette backlit with modest single color neon lights that say “H.I.M. Vol. 2 (HER In Mind).”

The Vol. 2 response EP was just as amazing as the first, especially considering the project was put together and completed in a matter of 3 weeks or so. This time the tracks aren’t exact duplicates of H.E.R.’s music and there is a part 2 to “Hymn,” called “Lights Out,” which is phenomenal. The sheer talent and passion behind his outpourings are unmatched for male artists in R&B right now, something that we have long craved in urban music.

Now, there’s a lot of controversy that has been stirred over this mystifying new artist, speculating that he is “stealing” and using music without permission, which could be true (depending on who you ask). But if you ask me, it was a pretty slick marketing strategy on his part, because in either case, it has certainly drawn attention to the extremely talented singer/songwriter in a very short amount of time and given him a platform that he wouldn’t have otherwise had so quickly. Plus, it surely has had people buzzing about it and to me, that’s a win.

Listen to H.I.M. Vol. 2 (HER In Mind)

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