dvsn teases trailer #2 for Morning After

Last night OVO’s R&B duo, dvsn, released another mysterious visual for their upcoming sophomore album, Morning After.

With a second trailer, it reinforces that there will be more than just music coming from the two in the next few weeks. With no way to know exactly what is in store, the build-up of the already highly anticipated album is only growing. Last week dvsn released the first visual tease and announced that they will soon be going on tour to promote Morning After. This week, our interests are piqued again with the release of the new single tiltled, “Mood,” 3 days ago and trailer #2 last night, which finally had an official album release date in the ending credits of the 50 second clip. So, the suspense will continue for the next five weeks and we can expect the new album on October 13th.

Watch the Morning After (Trailer #2)

Listen to the new single, “Mood” here.

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