Young Dylan has dropped his official debut single!

You’ve probably heard of him, but in case you don’t know…. the DMV has turned out another new star by the name of Young Dylan. But, this is no ordinary rapper. This new artist is only 8 years old!

The young man from Annapolis, Maryland began his break out to stardom on Ellen, of all places, after her producers saw him on YouTube. Most people aspire to one day have a quick guest spot on the beloved comedian’s show, but this talented cutie has already been a guest and performer on Ellen 6 times and will be appearing again in the fall! Ellen also had a birthday surprise for her frequent guest. She sent Young Dylan to The Billboard Awards as the show’s correspondent and treated him to tickets for the NBA All-Star Game. In addition to that, the young charismatic rapper was also able to perform at the Toronto Raptors half-time show on “Drake Night” last November. He has met numerous celebrities such as Bryson Tiller, DJ Khaled, Steph Curry, Justin Timberlake and his idol, Drake (of course), to name a few. But, this is only the beginning!

Young Dylan had accumulated 224,000 followers on Instagram alone, before he released his first original single, “Out Of My Mind,” on August 25th. The song has been getting spins on both WPGC 95.5 and WKYS 93.9, where Young Dylan has also been a guest to discuss the new single. He was also a performer at the 2017 WKYS Block Party this summer.

Credit behind the scenes of Young Dylan’s new music belong to a production team made up of Tony Foxx, MK and Epic (collectively known as MGC) who are also based out of the DMV area. With his team and his parents championing behind him, there is no place this boy’s passion and determination won’t take him. We’ll be on the lookout for his next move!

Listen to Young Dylan’s new single, “Out Of My Mind,” written and produced by MGC

Watch Young Dylan as Ellen’s correspondent at the Billboard Awards on EllenTube!

Follow him on Instagram @officialyoungdylan

Watch his appearance on WKYS 93.9

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