Kelela’s official debut album, “Take Me Apart,” is here!

Another great talent from the DMV, by the name Kelela, just released her official debut studio album, Take Me Apart. The entire album is amazing! It’s a warped meld of Alternative R&B, Electronica, Pop, Soul, Dance and really just seems to fit across all genres, yet it does not belong inside any one box. No matter what your taste is, you will like this album. It is definitely in a category of it’s own.

Kelela Mizanekristos, known just by her first name Kelela, is an Ethiopian-American who grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The beautiful and very talented 34 year old singer/songwriter who is has been based in LA since 2010, got her start from singing jazz standards at cafes in and around Washington, DC as a college student.

In 2008, Kelela joined indie band, Dizzie Spells, with whom she tried singing progressive metal. After moving to LA, she hooked up with duo Teengirl Fantasy and even contributed to their album, Tracer, in 2013. That year, it seemed as though every connection led to another, which definitely built some momentum for Kelela’s first solo project. In October 2013, Kelela released her first mixtape, titled Cut 4 Me. The track, “Go All Night,” was even added to the compilation album, Saint Heron, by Solange Knowles.

On February 4, 2014 Kelela released “The High,” which was included on her next project, an EP called Hallucinogen, which wasn’t actually released until October 2015. So, as it stands, she has released music every two years in October, since her debut in 2013. Now October 2017, we have been given the gift of her first official studio album, Take Me Apart. Every song on the album is a good! It provokes deep thought, intense emotion and involuntary dancing. I had some favorites right away. If nothing else could be said, we still couldn’t deny that Kelela is incredibly consistent. In addition, she will also begin touring the U.S. and Europe on October 29th in San Francisco for the Take Me Apart Tour. I can’t wait til she comes back home, I’m going to the show in DC!!

Listen to Kelela’s debut album, Take Me Apart” here.

Read Kelela’s break down of Tear Me Apart in her interview with iHeart Radio

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