The latest from Tech N9ne Collabos: Strange Reign

Oooh-weee! Now, this right here is nasty! A lot of people are going to get their feelings hurt when they hear the latest album from Tech N9ne’s Callabos, titled Strange Reign, which can only be seen as an acclamation of his label, Strange Music Inc.

In the very early hours of the morning today, I was listening to a brand new album (that I won’t name) that I had been waiting on for a few months. I heard about 3/4 of it and was seriously disappointed, so I began searching other albums that came out today. I was relatively unimpressed, until….

I came across Strange Reign. The very first song, “Cold Piece Of Work,” which was previewed on Tech N9ne’s last project, Dominion, immediately changed everything. You know a song is the truth when the #bars make you get the ugly face!

Tech N9ne kicks off the release of Strange Reign, his second Collabos album this year, tonight at Red Rock Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. It’s pretty safe to assume that close to all of the label’s artists will be joining him, since damn near all of them are featured on this album. It’s going to be insane! As Tech N9ne said in his interview for Strang Music Inc., “[he’s] just going to keep rapping harder and harder.” The album hasn’t even gained momentum yet, but I do not see it slowing down!

If you haven’t heard Strange Reign or even “Cold Piece Of Work” yet, DO NOT listen to it on your lunch break! It will have you cursing people out and quitting your job, like a real G. But come Monday, you’ll be wondering what the hell happened. Take my advice, listen to it after work.

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Listen to the latest edition from Tech N9ne Callabos: Strange Reign!

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