Tank’s new album is straight ‘Savage’

“Goodt Laawd!!,” is what I heard myself say when I listened to the latest album by Tank, more than two weeks ago. So, I figured I wouldn’t really need to write about it to let people know just how good it actually is. But I’m finding out that isn’t the case. So, as a formality, here it goes….

On September 29th, R&B singer/songwriter/musician, Tank, released his 8th solo album to date, titled Savage. It might just be his best album ever! With all the tension and excitement this album had built months before it was out, you always assume something with that amout of hype isn’t going to do a whole lot other than be disappointing, since there isn’t much that can live up to those kinds of high expectations. But, there’s always an exception…. and Savage is it! On this album, every single song is more than just good. Every track makes you feel something, regardless of which feeling you get. Some some songs are sexy, some are fun, some heartfelt and others are just plain “savage.”

Durrell Babbs, known as Tank, is yet another phenomenal artist from the DMV (no I’m not bias, it’s that real out here) who not only writes, sings and plays piano, he produces, acts and models. Which is why it never occurred to me that there were fans that didn’t immediately cop this album. Tank is truly one of the very top male R&B artists that nobody can touch. There’s nobody out here who can do what he does, the way he does it. Not only has his fanbase only grown over the last 16 years, but there’s no one in R&B more consistent, yet constantly evolving…. and that’s just the music. His voice (in my opinion) is unmatched by artists over the last decade and a half.

Savage is one of the “must have” R&B albums! This one will be in rotation for quite some time. Shout out to Tank for creating a classic!

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