Morning After, album by dvsn

With all the amazing music that has come out over the last 3 weeks, you almost can’t keep up with all of the new releases. But the latest album by dvsn, titled Morning After, is definitely worth making time for. After all of the hype with their mysterious visuals and having already dropped 3 singles from the new album, this was definitely a highly anticipated release.

The R&B duo from Toronto, who is naturally signed to OVO, has really given us a treat this time. The sophomore album has 13 tracks that are all completely different. Every single song has it’s own groove, it’s own feel. There’s one that’s all acoustic, one with a sample of Maxwell’s song, “Fortunate” and the title track, has latin influence. dvsn’s music really has a lane of it’s own, there’s nothing else like it out right now from anyone else. It has an R&B/Jazz/Funk/Futuristic thing kind of going on. There’s really no way to accurately describe it, you’ll have to listen and develop your own impression.

Listen to dvsn’s new album, Morning After

Obviously, there’s more in store for us from the dynamic duo…. The teaser clips for Morning After have certainly piqued our interest. I can’t wait to see what else is coming!

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