Discover the new EP, Intro To, by rising star Dounia!

Before a single note of her debut single, “East Coast Hiding,” ever played, 19 year old Dounia Tazi was already a star. The talented and beautiful singer/songwriter, known as Dounia, is also a model and social media star due to her outspoken activism on issues like equality for all and body shaming.

To describe Dounia, who was raised in both Morrocco and Queens, NY, there is only one word that captures everything about her: Different. This young woman is different in every positive sense of the word and she’s definitely not afraid to let it be known. The music from the Intro To EP, itself, has a super laid back, contemporary jazz/hip-hop/soul vibe while her smooth, sultry voice sings lyrics that are raw, honest and in your face, with just enough attitude. Believe me when I say, “She does not hold back!” There is literally no one like her! I can’t even pick a favorite song from the new EP, it’s that hot. But, if I had to, it would probably be “Shyne.”

Outside of her music, Dounia has already become a fabulous role model for girls and women everywhere, as she fights the unrealistic “perfect Hollywood body” image that females are expected to have, or get and maintain, regardless of age. She has big, fabulous curves and is very proud of it, encouraging others to embrace and love themselves. She is incredibly outspoken and unapologetic…. and I, personally, love that about her!

We look forward to much more from this incredible new artist!

Listen to the new EP, Intro To, by Dounia.

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